Council Tax Reduction (formerly Council Tax Benefit)

Council Tax Reduction (formerly Council Tax Benefit)

  • Can I claim Council Tax Reduction?

    You can claim Council Tax Reduction if you are the person (or one of the persons) who is responsible for paying the Council Tax for the property you live in and:

    • You are getting Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance (income based), Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related) or Guarantee element of Pension Credit
    • You are getting Universal Credit
    • You have a low income, even if you are in full-time work or self-employed.
    • You have non-dependants living with you who have a low income, you may be able to get Second Adult Rebate on your Council Tax.

    You cannot get Council Tax Reduction if:

    • You are not directly responsible for paying the Council Tax
    • You (or your partner) have capital or savings of £16,000 or more (some capital can be disregarded, contact the Benefits Section for further information)
    • Most full-time students who live alone cannot claim Council Tax Reduction because their home will be exempt from Council Tax. But you may be able to claim if your partner is a full-time student and you are not.

    Council Tax Reduction is calculated by comparing your household and personal circumstances with your income and savings/capital. We also have to take into account any other adults who live with you.

    If you are not sure whether you could claim or not, please contact the Benefits Section on 01962 848 539 for further information.

    You must still pay your Council Tax while you are waiting for a claim for Council Tax Reduction or Second Adult Rebate to be processed.

  • How will my Council Tax Reduction be paid?

    We will pay your Council Tax Reduction straight to your Council Tax account. You will get a bill showing any amount you have to pay after the reduction has been awarded.

  • How to make a claim

    You need to complete an online form for Council Tax Reduction.

    If you require assistance please call the Benefit Assessment Team to arrange a telephone appointment on 01962 848539

  • Winchester City Council’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme

    Click to view a copy of Winchester City Council’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme (pdf, 2.2mb).