Cemetery Fees

 Pre-Purchase of Grave Plots

As of 1st February 2016 it will no longer be possible to offer pre-purchased grave plots at Magdalen Hill Cemetery, Winchester.

This decision has been made after considerable thought and whilst the City Council recognises the change in procedure may cause disappointment, offering pre-purchase graves in the past now means many cannot be used. This is because they have been legally purchased but for a variety of reasons no one has been or can be buried within the plot.

The cost of providing new cemeteries and the difficulties associated with gaining planning permission are such that it is essential we accommodate as many future burials as we can within the extension area, hence the need to change our procedure.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact Marriam Baxendale, Business Support Manager on 01962 848281.

Latest update on Westhill Cemetery:we've undertaken a project to encourage bio-diversity and wildlife by only cutting the grass once this season, due within the next couple of weeks.  We've continued maintenance by removing areas of ivy and self-seeded shrubs plus crown lifting some trees. Whilst this has been successful in the main, we recognise that areas of the cemetery such as the war graves have not benefited from this therefore we will be revising our plan for next year.  

The fees quoted below are for both Westhill Cemetery and Magdalen Hill Cemetery. There are no new graves available at Westhill Cemetery (only re-open fees apply).

Residential Care Homes

For all residents in a Hampshire County Council run care home, all be charged at fee Level 1.

Those residents who resided within the old town boundary and wards but who have moved into a private care home within the last 2 years will be charged Fee Level 1.

For those who resided within the old town boundary and wards but who moved into a private care home for more than 2 years ago should contact the office to see if they are eligible for Fee Level 1.

For those residents who resided within the remaining Winchester Town but who have moved into a private care home within the last 2 years will be charged at Fee Level 2. If residents moved into a care for home more than 2 years ago they should contact the City Council to see if they are eligible for Fee Level 2.

All other residents of the wider district and beyond  who are in a private care home will be charged at Fee Level 3.

The reasons for the fee structure are for the reasons below:

Following local government re-organisation in 1974, the then City Council merged with part of Winchester Rural District Council and the Droxford Rural District Council.

The former City Council area now comprises the Winchester Town Wards and the other areas have parish councils, including Olivers Battery.

At that time it was agreed that the provision of cemeteries should be the responsibility of the parishes, should they wish to provide them. The cost, if any, would be met by the parish council precept and not through the District Council Tax rate. The Winchester Town Wards also pay a separate levy for the services that are provided elsewhere in the District by the parishes.

Magdalen Hill and Westhill Cemeteries are, therefore, funded by residents in the Winchester Town area and not by residents in parished areas, including Olivers Battery.

There is a difference in the Council Tax payable in the Winchester Town Wards compared to those outside the area, and It is up to each parish to decide whether they provide their own cemetery, meeting the costs involved and many do.

It is a normal practice for councils to charge double rates for burials from outside the area of the burial authority. Indeed, some councils use a triple rate charge.

If you are on low income and need help with funeral costs, please see information sheet below. This will give you advice and contact addresses that you need.

For further information regarding the Exclusive Rights of Burials and Memorials, and general Cemetery Regulations, please see the attached document below.

The fees from 1st April 2016 until 31st March 2017 are in a table below as an attachment. 

Cemetery opening hours

Westhill Cemetery, St James Lane, Winchester
7am until 10pm

Magdalen Hill Cemetery, Alresford Road, Winchester
November - February 8am until 4pm
April - September 8am until 7pm
March and October 8am until 5pm

For further information or any queries regarding burials, please contact
Cemeteries Department on 01962 848316 or  Email landcharges@winchester.gov.uk