(Discontinued) Principal Scrutiny Committee and the Scrutiny Panels

Councillors and Committees

Until the 2011/12 municipal year Winchester City Council had a Principal Scrutiny Committee and four Scrutiny Panels.

They were called:

  • Environment Scrutiny Panel
  • Local Economy Scrutiny Panel
  • Social Issues Scrutiny Panel
  • Resources Scrutiny Panel

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At an appropriate time during each cycle of committee meetings during the municipal year, a work plan setting out what issues they will be looking at over the year.

In order to look at an individual issue in more depth, the Panels and Principal Scrutiny Committee can set up informal working groups of Councillors who will then report back to them. These in-depth enquiries, in either a pre or post scrutiny role can lead to reports and recommendations for consideration by Cabinet and Council on policies, budget and service delivery. The panels and Principal Scrutiny Committee are able to request independent research and expertise to help with their enquiries as well as questioning members of the Cabinet and Directors about the issue they are reviewing.