Catering Furniture on the Highway

If you wish to place tables and chairs on the highway (this includes any street or pedestrianised area), you will require a licence from the City Council.

The Council must seek the consent of the Highways Authority, if not the City Council, the frontagers with an interest, and the freeholder of the premises.

You may also need Planning Permission or Listed Building Consent from the Council for the use of the land or building for a cafe. There is a fee for this and planning approval must have been granted before an application will be considered by the Council.

Any unlicensed use of the highway for tables and chairs is an obstruction and may be dealt with by the police.

  • How to Apply

    To apply for a licence to place tables and chairs on the highway, please complete the form below and forward with a cheque for £218 to:-

    Licensing Section
    Winchester City Council
    City Offices
    Colebrook Street
    SO23 9LJ

    On the same day you make your application, you must complete and display the below notice at the entrance to the premises facing outwards. This notice must be displayed for a minimum of 28 consecutive days. Please note that this notice must be printed on yellow paper. If you are unable to print this on yellow paper, please contact the Licensing Office on 01962 848 188 or to arrange a notice to be sent to you.

    Please make all cheques payable to Winchester City Council.

    The application form and notice can be found on the right hand side.