Planning Policy

Blueprint is a new community engagement toolkit designed by the Council and focused around the government's aspiration of 'Localism'. It is aimed at helping local people tell us what they think their local communities need now and in the future by asking them to consider the needs of different people; how their needs may be supported; and how things may need to change so that our emerging planning policies reflect local requirements.

Blueprint 'packs' were prepared to help Parish Councils and local groups to run their own discussion events. Each pack contained information on a collection of six 'characters' which broadly represent the general population of the District. Their purpose was designed to get communities discussing the role of each character in their local area and how their housing, employment and community requirements may change over the longer term and whether their needs are, or should be met in their local area. The purpose of these characters was not only to prompt debate and discussion, but to challenge people to put themselves in the position of others and to help provide focused responses.

More information on Blueprint can be downloaded from the following website:


The Council ran a Blueprint consultation period between 4th October 2010 to the 10th December 2010. Parish Councils and local groups were encouraged to run their own events and many took the lead by not only organising their own events, but encouraging other local groups and individuals to participate and then coordinating responses to send back to Winchester City Council.

All the responses were considered at the LDF(Cabinet) on 23 February 2011 and 1 April 2011. They can be viewed at Consultation Responses - Winchester Town and General Comments and Consultation Response - Parishes.

This information will be used to inform not only a revised LDF Core Strategy but also other documents being prepared by the Council including:

  • other Local Development Framework documents
  • Winchester Community Strategy
  • Town Forum's Vision for Winchester
  • Winchester Town Access Plan
  • There may also be information coming out of Blueprint that communities will find both interesting and useful in initiating a community based plan. See our Community Plans pages for more details

What happens next

To bridge the gap between the Preferred Option Core Strategy and the next formal stage of the Core Strategy 'Publication' which it is aimed to reach by the end of 2011, the Council has taken the responses to Blueprint, together with revised housing and population projections, plus other technical updates to create 'Plans for Places...after Blueprint' It will be subject to a 6 week consultation from 27 June - 8 August 2011.