Technical Reports

To support the formulation of the Central Winchester Regeneration Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) a number of technical studies have been commissioned. 

Links are provided to the completed studies and others will be added once finalised.

CWR Surveys/ Assessments

The list below sets out the current surveys / assessments being undertaken to inform the development of the Supplementary Planning Document by JTP Architects and Masterplanners and supporting team on behalf of the City Council. Further work will be required at different stages and will be commissioned as appropriate.


Technical Work Commissioned Summary Page references for recommendations Status
Topographical Survey (Apex Surveys)  Topographical mapping of the area. This includes some cross sectional survey work of existing buildings. Completed
Contamination Desktop Survey (RPS) A full desk top study into potential contamination risks below ground.  This highlights some moderate risks which will need to be more fully assessed prior to further detailed design work. Conclusions and Recommendations pg 24 Completed
Flood Risk Assessment (Wallingford Hydro) Review of the key flood risk issues; highlights some significant issues which will need to be carefully considered in relation to flood risk, sewerage discharge and building design as the scheme progresses. Conclusions and Recommendations pg 34 Completed
Ecological Appraisal (ECOSA) Preliminary Ecological Appraisal. This states that the area has fairly limited ecological value but that there is some potential for bat nesting and roosting which will require further survey work in due course.  Also highlights the important and potential of watercourses and underground culverts which pass through the site. Executive Summary on pg 1 Completed 
Archaeological Survey (Patrick Ottoway) Archaeological desk-based assessment; provides baseline information on the heritage assets and buried archaeological deposits on the site itself and in its immediate environs.. Summary on pg 3 Completed
Transport (Atkins) - Report Transport study, included Bus & Car Park User surveys. Summary and Conclusions on pg 36 Completed
Retail (Propernomics) Retail Market Report Summary on pg 48 Completed