We want to bring real benefits to local people and businesses and create a positive legacy for the city with the Central Winchester Regeneration project. A key consideration will be deciding on the mix of uses across the site to ensure it’s viable. It will be important to get the balance right.

Winchester City Council is seeking to achieve a comprehensive mixed-use quarter with retail, market, commercial, cultural, housing and community uses as part of the redevelopment of the Central Winchester area.

The vision includes plans for attractive buildings, streets and places designed and laid out with Winchester character and scale to preserve what makes our city special and what we’ve begun to call ‘Winchesterness’. By bringing a balance of restful and active spaces in the heart of the city and opening up the brook to the east of the site, we will create public realm that is a positive legacy for the city.

Creating a new bus hub and routing buses away from The Broadway and High Street to allow for environmental improvements to accommodate markets and other street based activities. It will aim to serve the whole community in a balanced approach.

Download the latest Broadsheet below for more information about the project.

There are a number of existing documents which provide guidance and further information on the area which will feed into the production of the SPD.  Local Plan Part 1 and emerging Local Plan Part 2 set the planning policies for the area together with the National Planning Policy Framework. The Local Plan Evidence Base also contains a lot of background studies and assessments that will be relevant to this area.