New Community North of Fareham

The strategy for South Hampshire which has been produced by the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) includes a Strategic Development Area (SDA) to the north of Fareham. The identified location is within Fareham Borough, to the north of the M27, adjoining Winchester District in the vicinity of Knowle. The SDA was incorporated into the South East Plan, which required a community of 10,000 dwellings, 121,000 sq m of employment floorspace and a range of facilities and services.

In July 2010 the South East Plan was revoked and PUSH has begun a revision of its economic strategy to take account of the change in the financial climate. Fareham Borough Council remains committed to progressing a new community (since April 2013 it has been known as Welborne) with the emphasis now on creating a 'unique garden community'. Initial work on masterplanning has indicated that the site is likely to accommodate a maximum of 6,500 dwellings which accords with the revised economic strategy.

The precise development area has now been defined, see http://www.fareham.gov.uk/images/planning/figures3-2.jpg.  It is expected that all the built development and associated formal open space will be within Fareham Borough, to the south and east of Knowle. It is important that undeveloped gaps are retained to separate Welborne from Knowle and Wickham.

Welborne would be planned as a distinct new community - comprising 6,500 new dwellings and with substantial new employment development, all the necessary education, health, shopping, open space and other community support facilities. The objective is to ensure that it would be potentially self-contained for the community's day-to-day needs, sustainable, and would reduce travel needs. Welborne is intended to support Portsmouth's role as one of the two main cities in the sub-region, and it will be essential for it to have effective transport links.  This will be provided through a new Bus Rapid Transit link from Welborne to central Fareham and Portsmouth

The proposals for Welborne are currently being progressed through 'The Welborne Plan', an Area Action Plan which forms part 3 of Fareham Borough Council's Local Plan suite. The Draft Welborne Plan was published in April 2013 and set out the initial proposals for the new community. The final (adopted) version of the Welborne Plan is anticipated to be ready in late 2014.  Winchester City Council will address any aspects relevant to Winchester District through its Local Plan.

Fareham Borough Council has set up a Community Liaison Group known as the 'Standing Conference'  to bring together relevant community interests to identify and discuss any relevant issues which might arise during the course of planning and developing a new sustainable community to the north of Fareham.  The following link provides more detail http://www.fareham.gov.uk/new_community/standingconference/aspx.