North/North East of Hedge End

Strategic Development Area (SDA) North/North East of Hedge End

The strategy for South Hampshire which has been produced by the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) includes a Strategic Development Area (SDA) to the north/north east of Hedge End. The identified location is largely within Eastleigh Borough, but could include land within Winchester District in the vicinity of Durley and Curdridge. The SDA was incorporated into the South East Plan, which required a community of 6,000 dwellings, 74,000 sq m of employment floorspace and a range of facilities and services.

During 2009/2010 various studies were undertaken to test the feasibility of the SDA, on behalf of PUSH. In July 2010 the South East Plan was revoked and Eastleigh Borough Council has resolved that the feasibility studies should be noted but that the SDA should not be taken forward in its Core Strategy and that it should consider new options for future development. This decision means that it will not be necessary to plan for the SDA in the Winchester District Local Development Framework.